Ontario Pre-Budget Submissions: Deadline fast approaching!

Calling all patient groups! If you are seeking government funding or are advocating for a specific issue in Ontario, you can have your voice heard as a part of the consultation process for the 2018-2019 provincial budget.
Most people think of the federal budget as a simple finance document. In reality, it’s far from it – rather, it’s a platform for the government to lay out a policy agenda for the upcoming year, including priorities and areas of concern.

Each year, the government accepts submissions and ideas from organizations and individuals about how they should allocate funds in the upcoming budget. This is a natural opportunity for patient groups to share their thoughts and ‘asks’ with government – and ensures that your group is on record as an active participant in the political process. For example: CORD has made a brief submission to the government, seeking funding for implementation of the Ontario Government’s Rare Disease Working Group recommendations. Our submission can be viewed (here).
We strongly recommend that all groups seeking funding for any initiative – whether it be improved diagnostics, drugs, surgical treatments, or education – compile a brief submission and send it to the provincial government.
What you need to know:

• Submissions do not have to be long – they can even be in the form of a letter.
• If you’re having trouble putting a document together, see attached for a copy of the template for ideas and flow suggestions.
• Submissions are due February 9th, and are deliverable via email. Completed submissions should be sent to, with a CC to the Health Minister (

All submissions will be reviewed in advance of the provincial budget being tabled, which is expected to happen in March. Should you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us!