CORD wishes to congratulate Senator Kelvin Ogilvie on his retirement.

Senator Ogilvie, an expert in biotechnology, bio-organic chemistry and genetic engineering has had many scientific accomplishments in his career including the development of the chemistry of the “Gene Machine”, an automated process for the manufacture of DNA. He is also the inventor of Ganciclovir, a drug used worldwide to fight infections that occur when one’s immune system is weakened.

We are truly appreciative for Senator Ogilvie’s commitment and dedication to helping to advance health research and science in Canada. We are most thankful Dr Ogilvie’s research breakthroughs that have improved the lives of Canadians, especially those with rare diseases.

He has been a true friend to our rare disease community and we will miss him dearly.


Pictured (L to R):
Durhane Wong-Rieger, President & CEO, CORD
Senator Kelvin Ogilvie
Maureen Smith, Secretary, CORD